Our Transport

For the lorry fanatics a bit about our Prime Movers

Daf LF 'Meg'


'Meg' named after our late much loved border collie is a 13 tonne Daf LF. She is our main workhorse and carries a variety of smaller attractions such as the 'Sea on land', Swingboats and games stalls. She is a specialy adapted showmans special vehicle designed only to carry fairground equipment.

ERF C Series "Chunky"

Image: Chunky

Chunky is responsible for hauling the Ark around,
it has a 14 litre Cummins Engine. Chunky was born in 1982 and has had a few Fairground owners.
It is a Heavy Locomotive and in the back is a WW2 searchlight generator of 220 amps driven by a Gardner Diesel Engine. It will power all our little fair including the ark.


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